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[S] Swoldow's Survivor: Cagayan

Welcome to season 24 of Swoldow's Survivor. One more season will take place before the monumental 'Game Changers', a season that showcases some of the minds behind the craziest moves in the game, by pitting those minds against eachother. Before that, however, we have one more season, one that pits three universally beneficial aspects, brain, brawn, and beauty, against eachother. Which trait will reign supreme? Find out on this season of Swoldow's Survivor
Luzon (Brain) Tribe:
Aparri (Brawn) Tribe:
Solana (Beauty) Tribe:


Episode 1:
Three tribes get to the island via different boats and get up to stand on their mats, immediately seeing differences and similarities between tribes. It is announced the theme is Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty, and everyone is glad they get to represent their tribe's intended trait on national television. Immediately, the tribes are presented with a twist. They are asked to select a leader based off of first impressions alone. Luzon picks Evan for seeming respectable, and older, Aparri picks Daddy Duke due to having football garb on, and seeming like a coach, and Solanna picks Layla for seeming super professional. Then, each leader is told to pick who they think the weakest person in their tribe is. Ethan cringes over having to make this decision, but he picks Michelle due to being older. Daddy Duke also selects an older player, Rob, without knowledge of his boxing career. Layla picks Mariah after she announces she can't come to a decision and doesn't want to offend anyone. The three 'weakest links' get airlifted to their camps, where they have the option to get an idol clue, or a bigger bag of rice for their tribe. Michelle and Mariah both want to play, so they look for the idol clue, while Rob, believing the team should benefit over him, decides to get the big bag of rice so they can dominate challenges.
At Luzon, Chrissy and Laura immediately start bonding, as they both are similar, given they are teachers, and they are older people. They plan to align, and talk for nearly the whole day. Evan and Isiah also grow close, and the two want to run the tribe together. Michelle and Elijah also form a duo, as Elijah sees Michelle as a mother figure to him. Evan doesn't want to work with Michelle, as he believes she hates him after he singled her out as the tribe's weakest link, but after seeing how tight Chrissy and Laura are, he decides they need to go first. Wanting to secure Michelle's loyalty, he apologizes for singling her out, and Michelle accepts it, willing to work with him, as she is also noticing how tight the teachers are becoming.
At Aparri, everyone is happy that Rob greeted them with a giant bag of rice, but nobody wanted to waste any time. They all began to immediately start shelter building, and take care of the camp situation. Nobody was strategizing, except for Aaliyah and Anne, who both grow extremely close to eachother, and plan to work together during votes. They notice nobody on the Brawn tribe is using their brains at all, and both plan to manipulate the rest of the players, since nobody else will do it.
At Solana, Danielle immediately scrambles to get a loyal alliance by playing dumb, and flirting as much as possible. She strokes JD's ego, after he tells her about being on The Bachelorette, and she also does the same with Ryne, convincing him he has control over her when in reality, it is the other way around. Danielle wants to also try and get Roman wrapped around her finger, but Roman immediately starts socializing as well. Both Layla and Mariah see his goofy tribal antics and surfer dude charm, and fall for it. They both align for him, assuming he will likely vote however they want him to, while Roman gets two giant shields in the process. The Solana tribe becomes a giant flirt-fest, with Danielle getting the guys, and Roman getting the girls to back them up. Layla wants to patch things up with Mariah, as she wants to work with her and feels bad for singling her out, so while Layla and Mariah mend their relationship and become friends, Roman goes idol hunting, and finds the idol, sneaking back into camp, just as chill as ever.
At the immunity challenge, Aparri and Solana trounce Luzon, sending the brains to tribal council. Elijah, feeling nervous, instinctively goes idol hunting, and finds the idol before anyone else can. Chrissy and Laura are going by Evan's statement in the first impressions twist, and believe that Michelle is the weakest link of the tribe, so they plan to gun for her. Meanwhile Evan, Isiah, Elijah, and Michelle discuss who to gun for, and between Chrissy and Laura, they believe Laura is weaker physically, and likely more strategic than Chrissy. Elijah, however, is brought over by Michelle to potentially blindside Evan. Elijah wants to keep the majority strong instead of doing anything flashy, so in case Michelle pulls something, Elijah plays his idol for Evan at tribal. Michelle, however, changed her mind and stuck with the majority, causing the idol to negate zero votes. Laura goes home in a 4-2 vote.

Episode 2:
The tribal went exactly how Evan wanted it to go, and now he has an easy vote for later, a tight alliance, and Elijah is now seen as a threat due to playing his idol for absolutely no reason. This leads Evan to start to get cocky, and rub the tribe the wrong way. Chrissy, mad she got screwed over, starts lying about Evan, calling him a dictator. Isiah, wanting to get more people to like him over Evan, comforts Chrissy, telling her everything will be ok. At Aparri, Daddy Duke starts to try and build relationships, and tries to get on good terms with Rob. Rob is willing to forgive Daddy Duke, especially since it was solely based on a first impression. Rob tells Daddy Duke about his boxing career, and Daddy Duke talks to him about his football career as a result. Meanwhile, Aaliyah, sneaking off, goes idol hunting, and finds it. At Solanna, Danielle can tell Roman's gameplan and sees through his surfer façade. Sparking an argument, her and Roman fight, which makes people less likely to trust Danielle over sporadically getting into a fight. Layla doesn't like Danielle whatsoever and sees her as a huge manipulator, and wants her gone.
Luzon, wanting to not replicate their last challenge performance, wins immunity, and so does Aparri, sending Solana to tribal council. Danielle's superstitions about Roman bleed onto Ryne as well, and the two convince JD that they have to vote for Roman, as he doesn't seem to be the person he is pretending to be. Layla, Mariah, and Roman agree that Danielle is trying to run the show, and she is manipulating everyone. Wanting to take a breather from all the chaos she is causing, they decide to vote for her. At tribal, Danielle is on the offensive and is trying to throw Roman under the bus, until Layla throws shade back at her, calling her shifty. Roman feels that Danielle is gunning for him, and plays his idol, which negated the three votes cast against him. In a complete shock, Danielle's jaw drops as she gets idoled out of the game in a 3-0 vote.

Episode 3:
JD and Ryne are shocked over Danielle's exit, and decide to spread some chaos to try and turn the girls against Roman. Roman, instinctively tries building relationships while they spread rumors, and him and Mariah grow tighter as a result. At Aparri, Tim is observing the tribe, and starts to catch on to Aaliyah and Anne's alliance. He tells everyone else in the tribe about it, and they plan to gun for them. Anne also is losing trust in Aaliyah, as Aaliyah never told her about her idol, and left camp for numerous mysteriously long times. At Luzon, Elijah's lack of a filter comes back to bite him during an argument with Chrissy, and despite being in the minority, the tribe is rubbed the wrong way by it. Aparri and Solana win immunity, sending Luzon back to tribal council. Chrissy goes to Isiah and Michelle and proposes gunning for Elijah or Evan, who are both dangerous in their own ways and are the two biggest threats left. Isiah wants to keep his options open, but Michelle doesn't want to work with Chrissy as she voted for her last tribal. Chrissy overhears Michelle telling Evan about Chrissy being shady and trying to arrange a blindside. Evan doesn't want to lose an ally, so he enforces the plan to gun for Chrissy. Chrissy is the third person voted out in a unanimous 4-1 vote.

Episode 4:
With their opposition out of the way, Luzon's majority dissolves, and it is now every man for themselves. Evan and Isiah are close, and want to continue playing together, and Elijah and Michelle know how tight that duo is, and they need to counter it. At Aparri, Daddy Duke and Tim get into a big fight over rice, and LaQuisha approaches Aaliyah asking if voting off one of them is a good idea. At Solana, JD is tired of being on the bottom, and believes that if he keeps playing immorally alongside Ryne, and spreading lies, he will be targeted. He strengthens his bonds with Roman and the two grow close. Aparri and Luzon win reward, but Aparri and Solana win immunity, sending the brains to their third tribal. Elijah and Michelle gun for Evan, due to him being the groups leader, and Evan and Isiah gun for Elijah for being way smarter than he looks. The votes tie 2-2, and on the revote, Isiah convinces Michelle to flip, as she doesn't want to go to rocks where there is a 50/50 shot of going home. Michelle flips on Elijah, sending him home in a 2-0 revote.

Episode 5:
The tribes swap, and are given randomly drawn buffs that determine their new teams. Luzon now has Evan, Isiah, JD, Mariah, Michelle, Roman, and Tim, while Solana now has Aaliyah, Anne, Daddy Duke, LaQuisha, Layla, Ryne, and Rob. At Luzon, the obvious man out is Tim, the only Aparri member on that tribe, but Evan, Isiah, and Michelle agree that it would be a much better option to use him to take out one of the Solana members. Isiah tries to bring Tim into their group, but Tim, on the defensive, and scared, gets into a fight with Isiah. JD feels unconfortable with his spot in the tribe, and doesn't want to work with Roman or Mariah. As a result, he plans to cut ties with them, and start working with the brains. At Solana, Aparri has a clear majority over Layla and Ryne. Layla doesn't want to be voted out by strangers that are occupying her own camp, so she believes that if she is going to survive, she has to throw Ryne under the bus.
Solana wins both reward and immunity, sending Luzon to tribal council. JD, wanting to try and gain power in the tribe, talks to both Evan and Tim, about helping him blindside Roman and Mariah. He tells them how dangerous the duo is, and of Roman's idol play, but due to Roman's chill nature, nobody really believes JD. Tim is willing to help, but the brains think he is lying, so Evan, Michelle, and Isiah devise a plan to blindside JD. Isiah tells Roman and Mariah they are being gunned for by JD, but the brains have their backs. Mariah is thankful she isn't the one to go. Despite JD's best efforts, his move worsened his standing, as he is sent home in a 5-2 vote.

Episode 6:
Tim's only ally is now gone, but he knows the brains now have majority on the tribe due to JD's blindside. Desperate, he approaches Michelle, asking her if they'd like his loyalty in exchange for voting out another beauty. Michelle accepts his request. Roman and Mariah feel unsure of what's to come next, as the brains aren't talking to them as much as they used to. At Aparri, Layla wants to make sure that if in case they lose, Ryne goes over her. Naturally, her tactic is to do what she is best at: throwing shade. She spreads lies about Ryne and how cruel of a player he is to LaQuisha and Aaliyah, knowing the rumors would spread throughout the tribe if they were told the knowledge. To further cement herself in the tribe, Layla starts to do more around camp. Solana wins reward but Luzon wins immunity. Layla continues to lie, and schmooze, and Ryne starts to get suspicious. He realizes what Layla is doing and starts trying to rally people to blindside her. He manages to get Daddy Duke on board, but nobody else wants to, forcing Duke to fall back from his plan. Ryne is sent home as a result in a unanimous 6-1 vote.

Episode 7:
Aparri continues to dominate the game at Solana, as now they have an easy vote in Layla. Layla, still trying to save herself, starts bonding with the Aparri girls, and they all grow to like her. In case they lose again, Layla plans to try and use those bonds to get Daddy Duke or Rob out. At Luzon, Roman and Mariah continue to feel on the bottom, but they wont give up yet. Mariah suggests the brains to help them get out Tim, as the Brawn tribe has the most tribal numbers so far and can dominate if the merge hits, if the brains aren't careful. Isiah sees this as a valid point, but he also feels like the beauties could flip on them as revenge for the brains screwing them over. Solana wins both reward and immunity sending Luzon back to tribal. The brains plan on who to gun for, weather it is Tim to preserve numbers, or for Mariah, to take out a social and strategic threat. In the end, they feel like they can definitely outwit the brawn tribe come the merge, and as a result, Mariah is sent home in a 4-2 vote.

Episode 8:
The tribes are officially merged. The Aparri has a huge numbers advantage due to the majority of them constantly evading tribal. Aparri has five players, Luzon has three, and Solana has two. The merge starts off with Tim winning the first immunity challenge, cementing him as a threat. At the challenge, the contestants are told there is a regular idol, and an idol with special powers hidden back at camp. Michelle manages to find the idol with special powers, which lets her play an idol after the votes are read. Nobody is able to find the regular idol. Daddy Duke tries to keep the brawn tribe loyal to eachother by bonding with LaQuisha, whom beforehand he didn't have much of a connection with. Meanwhile, Rob starts conversing with the brain tribe members, to gain their trust. Roman and Layla decide to be free agents, and after seeing Rob conversing with the brains, Layla approaches Daddy Duke and starts painting a target on Rob's back. She tells Duke that Rob is trying to flip on Aparri by uniting Luzon and Solana against them. Daddy Duke immediately gets scared, and Layla suggests gunning for Rob. After, Roman approaches Rob, and tells him that Daddy Duke is gunning for him. Rob is shocked, but trusts Roman. Rob approaches the brain trio and convinces them that Daddy Duke has to go, and Evan, Michelle, and Isiah are glad they can find a way back into the majority. They are told Solana is on board too. At tribal, Layla and Roman are the swing votes, and they end up dictating who gets to go. They choose Rob over Daddy Duke, as Rob is way more competent than Duke is, and Duke is more likely to be manipulated. Rob becomes the first juror in a 7-4 vote.

Episode 9:
With Rob gone, Tim has had it. He believes Daddy Duke was the one who got the Brawn tribe into this mess, and no longer wants to work with them. Tim tries to mend things with Roman and Roman is willing to work with Tim. Evan, Roman, Tim, Isiah, and Anne win reward, and Tim starts to try and orchestrate a move. He proposes a blindside of Daddy Duke on reward, and though Evan, Roman, and Isiah consider it, Anne isn't a fan of the move. She wants Daddy Duke as a shield, so after reward, she tells Daddy Duke about Tim's planned move, and Duke is pissed. Anne wins immunity as a way to not be able to suffer the repercussions of snitching. Isiah feels a bit scared that Brawn is constantly wins immunity, so he goes idol hunting, and finds the regular idol. Daddy Duke, angry, and seeing Isiah in isolation gets into a fight with him over how shifty the brains are. Isiah wants Daddy Duke gone, and the three brains go over what to do. Since the brawns are now out for eachother, Michelle suggests simply splitting the vote between Tim and Daddy Duke. Isiah wants Daddy Duke gone, so he's fine with splitting them. At tribal, Tim becomes the second juror in a 6-4 vote.

Episode 10:
With another brawn gone, the tribe seems to go back to normal, but LaQuisha and Aaliyah both realize that the brains and beauties are pulling a fast one on them, and likely fueling conflict between brawn members. To cut the numbers down lower, Daddy Duke holds a meeting with Aaliyah, Anne, and LaQuisha, where the four discuss who to gun for. Aaliyah thinks Isiah is the smartest brain there, and Daddy Duke agrees in wanting to gun for him, since the brains are up in numbers to beauties, and he still thinks Isiah might be hiding something. Aaliyah, Michelle, and Evan win reward, and Daddy Duke wins immunity. Not wanting to be overtaken by the combined might of the brains and beauties, Aaliyah talks to both Roman and Layla, telling them that she will be loyal to them and break off of Daddy Duke's alliance, if the two of them promise to vote for Isiah. Both beauties agree, as long as they aren't the ones going home. The brains try to gun for LaQuisha next, as they see her as the most strategic of all the brawn members. As tribal, Isiah believes something is off about Roman, who usually looks at everyone at tribal. Isiah goes with gut and plays his idol, negating 6 votes, and sending LaQuisha to the third jury seat in a 3-0 vote.

Episode 11:
Now down to three people, the brawns are starting to get desperate. The brains now believe that if the brawns lose one more person, it is their game to win, as they have the tribal majority if that happens. Evan's intended target is Daddy Duke, and Roman and Layla want Evan gone, as they see him as super strategic, a villain, and ruthless. Evan, Aaliyah, Isiah, and Michelle win reward, and Aaliyah is overwhelmed by the amount of brains in the room. She tries to be a diplomat for her tribe, asking for them to weaken the beauties and take them out, and then play the game in a 3-3 split. Evan likes this idea, and tells them that their plan is to gun for Roman. Aaliyah is excited to tell her tribe this, and the plan seems set. In reality, Evan wants to blindside Daddy Duke by forcing a tie between Roman and Duke, forcing the beauties to pick Duke over one of their own. Isiah and Michelle both like this idea, until Daddy Duke wins immunity. Angry, Evan decides to switch the target to Aaliyah, who still believes the plan is to vote for Roman. The confidence in the brain tribe strengthens the brawn tribe's morale, and Aaliyah, despite being scared, decides to hold onto her idol for another tribal. That was a mistake, however, as votes for Aaliyah and Roman tie 3-3-2 at tribal council, with the beauties voting for Evan. A smirk approaches Evan's face, as everyone revotes. Since Layla doesn't want to blindside Roman, considering him her partner in crime, she votes Aaliyah. Aaliyah becomes the fourth juror in a 4-2 revote, and leaves with an idol in her pocket.

Episode 12:
With the brawn tribe whittled down to two remaining people, the brains and beauties form a pact to finish them off together. Evan pulls off a suprising immunity, barely beating Daddy Duke. Evan after the challenge, however, starts to get cocky over his win, and rubs the tribe the wrong way. Roman and Layla consider flipping on them to work with the brawns, but decide not to. Daddy Duke and Anne panic, talking to Roman and Layla saying now is the time to blindside the brains and vote Isiah. Layla and Roman are yet again the swing votes. They both agree that it is plausible that either brawn member could go on an immunity run later in the game, so they plan to take them out, so they can easily beat brains in immunity challenges. At tribal, Daddy Duke becomes the fifth juror in a 5-2 vote.

Episode 13:
Anne is the last member of the brawn tribe standing, and she is desperate to claw her way back into the majority. She tells Evan and Isiah that she is no longer a threat or contender to win, and that the beauties could likely beat them in the end through their charm and underdog backstory. Anne, Layla, and Evan win reward, and Layla, in fear that Anne might be pulling something, wins immunity. Roman now believes he is one of the targets, and starts bonding with Michelle as a result. Anne continues trying to preach to the brains that Roman should go, but Layla, our favorite queen of shade, starts throwing it on Anne in secret to Evan. She tells him that if Anne makes final three, all her friends on the brawn tribe will easily vote for her, even though she has barely done anything. Evan sees this as a valid point, and the brains and beauties enact a plan to blindside the final brawn member. Anne becomes the sixth juror in a unanimous 5-1 vote.

Episode 14:
There are no more brawn members left in the game, and Layla and Roman immediately start scheming. Their plan is to win immunity, and get Michelle to try and flip on Evan and Isiah, due to that duo being too strong. Roman wins reward, and takes Isiah with him. While Roman is on reward, Layla has a girl talk with Michelle painting a target on Evan's back. Michelle is willing to go with them, but doesn't trust Layla completely. Roman is about to take the immunity challenge as well, but Isiah somehow beats him. Michelle is convinced by the immunity win that flipping on Evan would be a good idea, but after she expresses wanting to flip to Isiah, a fight breaks out between them. Michelle, upon hearing Isiah's point of view, realizes she is trying to get duped. In the end, despite Layla's efforts, Layla becomes the sixth juror in a 3-2 vote.

Roman is the final member of the Beauty tribe left, and he wont go down without a fight. Michelle is also relieved, as she never needed her special idol, and decides to use it as a souvenir. Unlike Layla, Roman is able to convince Michelle that Evan is way too powerful to keep around. Michelle is now on board for voting out Evan, but Evan wins immunity. Not wanting Isiah gone, Michelle decides to stick with her tribe. Roman becomes the seventh juror in a 3-1 vote.
The three contestants are told that the final two jury format is returning for just this season, and that they have to vote another person out. Isiah wins the final immunity and gets to decide weather Evan or Michelle gets to be the final juror. Evan and Isiah have been close since the beginning, but Evan did pull of bigger moves than Michelle. Isiah's mind is torn, and he has to pick at tribal. In the end, Isiah wanted to stay true to Evan, voting out Michelle in a 1-0 vote.
Isiah and Evan plead their cases to the jury on why they should win. Isiah talks about his clutch idol play that sent LaQuisha packing, and how he was strategic, but also social and physical. Evan argued that he was the mastermind behind Aaliyah's blindside, as well as being in a power position despite being low on numbers. Both finalists had big moves, and won an equal amount of immunities, so it came down to how much the jury respected each player. In the end, the jury didn't want to reward the million to Evan, who was cocky, a sneaky villain, and treated everyone like numbers rather than people. Because of this, Isiah is crowned the winner of Swoldow's Survivor: Cagayan in a 8-1 vote.
Layla wins fan favorite because of the shade she put on other castaways, and her great social game.

Potential All-Stars:
Isiah, Evan, Michelle, Roman, Layla, Daddy Duke, Aaliyah,

Potential Pre-Jury Gems:
Mariah, JD, Elijah, Danielle

Probably one of my favorite seasons in awhile. We had a lot of good moments like>! Isiah and Roman's Idol plays, the brains and beauties taking numbers back from the brawns, the Aaliyah blindside, and a deserving final two. ! The rest of the players that will take place in Game Changers, and their tribe divisions, will be revealed later. See you there!
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Why XRP (and Crypto) will succeed

A while back, I went to the bank to send a bank wire to fund my crypto account. This was my first time sending a bank wire. I read the instructions on the exchange website, and copied and pasted the instructions on my phone to bring to the bank.
As I was finalizing the transfer, the representative told me that the bank wire will cost $30 and will take 3-5 business days to settle.
This was pretty much a robbery in broad daylight.
I am already charged $10 a month to have my bank account active. My money dwindles due to inflation. You can't participate in society in metropolitan areas without a bank account since most employers don't pay you in cash, so you're forced to use a bank. Is the bank's main interest themselves or for the people?
At the bottom of the instructions was a long string of characters, preluded by the word "SWIFT". I did not know what it meant at that time, but now I do know. For those of you that don't know, it's the current service banks use to send bank wires. Not only did it cost a lot, the amount of time it took was a waste of my precious commodity: time. As Garlinghouse says, it would be faster to get on a plane and delivery the money by foot.
I came across an article yesterday titled: The Average Life Expectancy For A Fiat Currency Is 27 Years ... Every 30 To 40 Years The Reigning Monetary System Fails And Has To Be Retooled.
I encourage you to read it, but the main point of the article is: * The average lifetime of a fiat currency is 27 years * The average lifetime of a monetary system is 40 years
The article was written on August 2, 2011. A line in the article states "Simply, at this point we can’t know what will replace the current monetary system, or when. All we can know is that the status quo cannot and so will not survive this crisis." I'm sure we all are smirking at this point since we all know what will replace the current monetary system. Prime recent examples of the fiat system failing is Venezuela and Zimbabwe. The former monetary system was backed by gold, unlinked in 1971. Bitcoin was introduced in 2009. According to the article, the new monetary system should be introduced by 2011. I guess we're a little early?
On the note of currencies, can we all stop comparing the market cap of a crypto currency to blue chips like Uber, Amazon etc... Parallels should not be drawn between these, and instead, drawn between total circulating supply of a fiat such as USD, CAD, BP etc.
We are all blessed to be in this emerging market very early, and some of you do not even understand the underlying value of a crypto currency. Personally, what I invest in are assets that can provide what humans value the most. Below is a list in what I believe humans value, and in order of importance : 1. Time 2. Health 3. Pleasure 4. Money
Crypto currencies will save everyone time and money. That is why it has value.
Innovation and technology has allowed almost all industries to flourish. In a capitalistic society, with competition more fierce than ever before, it is those business who do not adapt that gets left behind and goes bankrupt. Banking, one of the oldest sectors, has barely innovated, but 2018 will be the year of fin-tech. MoneyGram partnership is only the beginning. Banking is a highly regulated sector, and it will need a crypto currency that is highly regulated (and not necessarily the most technological advanced crypto) to be adopted and used by banks. Which currency is the most regulated? XRP is, and perhaps XLM, which I am also bullish on. Not bitcoin with lightning, Rai blocks, IOTA, ethereum with raiden. These 4 currencies might be superior to XRP in technology, but not in regulation. Mind you, I am not saying these currencies will disappear, but they will not be adopted by banks. The central banks has already announced they will hold crypto currencies.
Banks are already afraid of crypto currencies and are scrambling to find ways to maintain a competitive edge. In physics, electricity flows in the path of least resistance, so does people, and so will money. If banks do not adapt, a currency such as Ether will eventually dominate. Some people might argue that banks will issue their own digital token and will dominate XRP. But that will not be the case. Do you really think The Bank of China will agree to use USD tokens as their main currency? There needs to be a neutral currency that is under no particular bank that will serve as a middle ground for the whole world. I will tell you right now, that each country will eventually ICO their respective currency to have it on the block chain because people demand transparency and is sick of quantitative easing and inflation. And also the government wants to keep track of you.
Banks will not disappear anytime soon. I am baffled by those who say crypto will remove banks. A key aspect to banks that crypto cannot offer is credit and lending. Who is going to chase you down if you borrowed some Ether and didn't pay it back? Nobody is going to lend you Ether, and authorities won't care if the vigilant ran away with your virtual coins. Since banks will not disappear, their only option is to integrate to stop the threat of being overthrown by decentralized currencies.
Asian people are on average, a smarter race than the rest of the world (this will trigger some people, but please do not start a flame war in the comment section. I am not undermining the rest of the world)
Asian countries such as Korea and Japan are typically quicker to adapt to change and embrace new technologies. As we already know, banks in South Korea and Japan are trialling XRP. Whether or not it will pass, we do not know. But we do know that if it does pass, the technology will ripple (see what I did there?) across Asia, and then on to the rest of the world. We already know that China and USA are major trading partners. So once China is on board, it will be very appealing for USA to also hop on board XRP to increase efficiency in commerce.
Looking at the chart below, XRP is approximately tied with ethereum at just over a million transactions per day. As we already know, this isn't a fair comparison because Ethereum is a platform to execute smart contracts and not really a currency. So, XRP is leading in terms of transactions per day used as a currency. According to Moore's law, the value of a network is n2, n being a participant in the network. Need I say more?
As of now, the most regulated crypto currency is XRP. It will stand up to all the regulations put in place, is adequate in technology enough for people to be satisfied, and will endure all the turmoil spewed on it. Until a new coin emerges that can compete against XRP, it will be adopted by banks and appreciate to a market cap of trillions.
And that is why I am 100% in XRP.
See everyone on the moon.
And stop checking the price every waking moment. Spend your valuable time elsewhere.
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[Table] IamA High School student who worked at NASA and will be flying in microgravity AMA!

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Date: 2013-12-20
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Questions Answers
Great job in getting so far while 'only' being a senior! Haha I'm not really as intelligent as people might assume. I honestly think its because I know how to market myself well.
Did you get all your knowledge from school, or did you have an interest in advanced technology while growing up, or how did you get to be that smart? I am really wondering. Most, no. I've been interested in just about everything for the longest time; I'm an insomniac, so I spend a lot of nights just reading wikipedia. I did take a Physics course last year, though, which helped me understand the mathematical representations of the concepts I had already read. I've always been into computers and programming, which helped me get my foot in the door. However, it was my research on a more cost-effective hydrogen fuel cell that really got me there.
Was it beacuase of CO-OP Also? I wasn't a part of a co-op until HUNCH. However, I don't work on campus with HUNCH.
What experiment are you testing? I was developing a model for plasma actuators, which are basically like mechanical flaps without any moving parts. They work by ionizing the air and creating a non-thermal plasma, which imparts a momentum on the nonionized air surrounding it. However, it can't be used in large aircraft because it doesn't create enough thrust; my team was trying to change that.
In microgravity, we are developing a project for a small local oxygen source for use on the ISS. Its basically just a fancy electrolysis unit.
I was creating a lumped circuit model (just a circuit diagram like this for a device with a high voltage that breaks apart the air. When the air breaks apart, the electrons go flying around, bouncing into a bunch of things, imparting a momentum (think of someone running into you). However, the nucleus (which is ~99% of the weight) stays still. Plasma actuators look like this.
Electrolysis is relatively simple. It just separates the hydrogen and oxygen in water!
Can you maybe do another AMA where you speak English? Haha I'm sorry! What would you like me to expand on?
What do you mean that the plasma actuators do not create enough thrust? My understanding of flaps (we're talking the aerodynamic control surface, right?) is that they just affect the amount of lift/drag generated by the wing to change the stall speed. They impart a momentum on the air, and are used for flow control. I'd assume they work in the same regard as flaps.
Very cool. What are the actuators used for? We're hoping to replace flaps in the near future. They have a lot of potential due to having no moving parts, relatively low power use, and greater flow control.
If it works by ionizing the air around it, wouldn't it nullify the use of it in a vacuum or no? From my understanding you're right - however, I'm not a physicist.
I saw that circuit once, on my AP Physics final yesterday. Once. Haha I literally just googled "Circuit diagram."
Yes, ELI5 please. Done :)
You mean a cooking grill? So the astronauts could have barbecues in space? That's actually pretty cool. :) Yeah just try to picture a George Foreman grill I guess haha!
A george foreman in a heat proof bag with a vacuum? Uhmmm no pretty much like a George foreman haha. We designed it to rehydrate meat and selfclean. Unfortunately we didn't get to build it before we were sent back to the drawing board! It would have been pretty cool too haha.
How did you come across this opportunity to work for NASA? My high school requires us to do a senior mentorship project. During my junior year, I designed a more cost-effective and efficient hydrogen fuel cell. I solicited some help from NASA (I literally just called the head of their Nanomaterials branch, since I was working with carbon nanotubes) and she got me in touch with my - former - boss. When the time came to find someone, I just asked him and he accepted!
What high school do you go to that requires this type of stuff? Is it a private one or a very well funded public school? Neither actually. I go to a very small rural school; we're one of the poorest areas in the state. However, I go to a regional governors school as well, which is where most of my STEM courses are/were taught. It's just near a NASA campus.
How did you come around to the idea of designing a more cost efficient fuel cell? Were you just laying around doing nothing and started thingthinking "What if I..."? EDIT: I skipped a few letters. Such is life. Actually, from a HowStuffWorks article :)
I created a marketable product that can reduce the amount of pollution coming from an internal combustion engine when I was 14, but yours sounds a lot more complicated lol. No way man! That sounds awesome. Actuators and fuel cells are actually really simple devices. Science obviously likes things as simple as possible :p.
That's called doing something. Keep at it bro and be an inspiration for more to come in regards to space especially. That was the whole point :) I want people to be as excited as I am about this!
off , Hats off to you.. It's insanely awesome to just say, hey I work at NASA. However, the people there are VERY serious about their work. It honestly felt very stiffling at times haha, there was no personality whatsoever. Also the campus was bland as could be.
second , How does it feel to "work" at NASA? IT must feel awesome! While there is that romanticism about working there, at the end of the day, it was still a job.
Working at NASA has one more advantage: It's a conversation starter. You can say "You know what? I WORK AT NASA" :P. Haha I try to be humble about it. My family loves to tell people though ;)
Is everyone else helpful while you work there? And what do you mean?
My first job was at a pharmacy... Haha mine was at a small time web development company...I learned in the eighth grade how much working makes you hate the things you used to love haha!
I mean.. do they help you around while working or have a chat with you? Apart from my introduction to the facilities, no. That was one of the worst parts about working there. I look a lot older than I am, so most just assumed I was either a graduate student or a new hire haha. I got lost plenty of times, truth be told!
Very cool man. Is anyone there at NASA talking about the SpacEx company led by Elon Musk? They want to populate Mars. It's funny you mention Elon Musk, I'll be going to his alma mater next year :D (University of Pennsylvania).
As for SpaceX, not really. My department was actually in Advanced Materials Research, however there are projects like Orion that had private contractors like Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. I think part of the reason SpaceX was never brought up in serious conversation was the fact that I'm from the east coast and SpaceX is based in California. I think everyone on campus is excited for the possibilities, however. Aerospace engineers, fortunately and unfortunately, don't really have a lot of options in the private sector currently; they have to work with Big Brother.
Hey, I'm a senior at Penn who is currently procrastinating his last final of the semester and your stuff sounds pretty awesome. If you have any questions about life at Penn or whatever PM me. If not then Go Quakers and good luck next year! Hey thanks a lot man! I'm so excited, honestly. I couldn't believe I got in, and it still hasn't sunk it completely!
What's your intended major at UPenn? I was accepted to the Computer and Cognitive Science dual degree program!
Y u no MIT? I liked MIT, but I didn't really like Boston. I got the feeling MIT was more of a graduate school, also.
You must have gotten in ED, congrats! Yep! I flipped out when I opened my decision!
How did your friends react to you going to NASA? Most don't really care past the novelty of it. I do a lot at my school, so they weren't really shocked. The only thing they hate is how busy I stay, which limits the amount of time I can just 'hang out' with them. That sucks.
JESUS! Make me feel like shit, what is you IQ? and how did you get the opportunity to work there? Haha, I have no idea to be honest. My school requires us to do a research mentorship senior year. The year before I had done some work with a PhD at the facility, and I just asked him if he wanted to work with me. Unfortunately, it didn't work out in the end :(
Are you asian ? I'm a white kid from the country actually hahah! I live in a pop. 300 town :p.
Sounds remotely October Skyish... You don't live in Coalwood, do you? :p. Haha not yet :P.
Where are you applying to? I applied early decision to the University of Pennsylvania's computer and cognitive science dual degrees program and was accepted. I was also looking at Tufts, MIT, Columbia, and Carnegie Mellon.
Yes! Hello fellow Class of 2018er! Haha I keep switching back and forth between this AMA and the class page :P.
The Facebook group? Yep!
Ugh, I can't wait for September. See you around campus mate! Haha thanks a lot! You're so right!
How much did they pay you? None at all. It was completely on my own time. However, I wouldn't advise working there if you want to make the big bucks...academia doesn't pay very well most of the time. It's sad, really. Now R&D for a company, there's where the money is!
of all congrats on that internship, and going to Penn next year. Thanks so much man! You have no idea how excited I am to be a Quaker!
Have you chosen a major yet? What are your plans/dreams for your future beyond college? Would you like to continue to work in the space exploration field, or is there something else you want to do? I have no idea what I'm planning on doing. Right now I'm going to focus on school - I was accepted to their computer and cognitive science dual degree program. So maybe AI?
Hey man best of luck at Penn! I have a friends there on the xc team and he loves it. What's the xc team?
When did you start realizing how brilliant you are? I'm really not as smart as you think haha, I've just taken advantage of the opportunities that have been presented! I'm not even the best student! I've had several Bs and I've got a C in three classes right now haha. Senioritis kills man...
Why are you no longer working at NASA? What were your hours and duties there? I worked six hours a week, and I left due to a two hour commute and a personality conflict.
Whose personality? My research mentor (basically my boss haha). He didn't really have a thorough understanding of the mentorship program and neither of us could communicate very well with each other (he was a foreign national). However, the man was one of the smartest people I've ever met, and I really appreciate the time I had with him. I learned a lot.
Hey! Shout-out to a fellow NASA intern high schooler. Senior too. Were you at GSFC? No, unfortunately! I was based out of Langley.
Where is the vomit comet? JSC or Ellington? Johnson Space Center! We'll actually be contracting a flight from Zero G Corporation, which uses a modified 727. You can find more information here:!
Nice. I was just wondering. I grew up next-door to NASA. That's amazing! People don't realize how many deer the campuses usually have...It's uncanny.
Did you happen to meet the animation team at Langley? Unfortunately, no. That's where I was based, actually; the campus is huge. I worked in the Advanced Materials Research Department.
Ahh, I'm part of the animation team (ACL). We had some interns come through a few times, didn't know if you were one of them. We're working on a video for Game Changing about the woven TPS. Oh neat! I wasn't a part of an internship program like LaRSS unfortunately. I didn't get paid :(
What do your parents do? My mom never graduated college and works at a newspaper and my dad is a manager at a factory.
Congrats on achieving everything you have up to this point! Do you gave any plans for college? What do you want to do as a career? I was accepted early decision to the University of Pennsylvania's computer and cognitive science dual degree program. I'm thinking about working in cybernetics and AI, but honestly I have no idea.
Please don't get us any closer to a skynet reality... Don't tempt me >:)
Any tips for someone the same age for getting into a position like this? Just put yourself out there! NASA has a ton of educational opportunities for high school students, you just have to find them. Email a branch head or something, that's what I did.
What is NASA's (or your) opinion of the Mar's One mission? While I can't speak for NASA, I wouldn't honestly get my hopes up. I remember the AMA with Lansdorp and it didn't seem like he really knew what he was doing. Such a monumental trip with such a relatively small time span is ridiculous. I just don't see it plausibly happening.
Flying in microgravity or simply free falling? Technically, free falling haha. Its just easier to communicate in layman's terms!
I start programming and I give up all the time because stuff stops making sense... anytime I look around me there is so much to learn... What advise do you have for people like me ? I really appreciated the codecademy tutorials. I only used them to learn the python syntax but it worked really well. I'm also going through that as well! I'll pick it up and usually's a rough cycle! I think a lot of it is just self difficulty. Get involved in the learning community, it helps a lot. Stackoverflow is wicked.
What exactly did you research with the hydrogen fuel cells and carbon nanotubes? I was trying to create a cheaper anode (I never got to test it, because it was really expensive!). Many commercial fuel cells are really expensive simply because the anode is made up of platinum, which has catalytic properties for separating electrons from the hydrogen atom. However, carbon nanotubes are much better at transporting electrons. So my design was to coat very thin layers of platinum on the tubes (a process known as duping) to maintain the catalytic activity, but make it much cheaper to mass produce and increase efficiency. Obviously, I'm a high school student though, and I couldn't afford to buy the platinum :/
I know this is kind of late but do you think there's any way to produce something that would maintain the catalytic activity of platinum, but more cost efficiently? What are the properties required of a substance like that? From my research, I couldn't find anything. However, in order to retain its properties, surface area is the biggest factor - not volume or mass. So the thinner the layer, the less material used. I've seen papers that successfully made 10ug coats, which is absolutely astounding!
Thanks for your reply, I'm actually quite interested in researching some possible alternatives before I get into college, I would love to make this more cost effective for researchers like yourself. You could be the one! It's entirely possible :)
Hi, I'm a sophomore in high school, and I've become really interested in working with NASA, (JPL in particular) any advice? Don't be afraid to just put yourself out there! I cold called the head of the nanomaterials branch because I was curious about carbon nanotubes and it led me to working there. Just explore your passions and you'll make it. I know it sounds cheesy, but its the truth.
How did you get the job? I was doing some research my junior year into making a more cost effective and efficient hydrogen fuel cell. I was working with doping platinum onto carbon nanotubes, and I was looking at resources to find out how to do it. So, I pulled up the nanomaterials department at NASA and called. The head put me in touch with the man I worked with this year. At the end of the year, after my research was done, I asked him if he would be willing to take me in.
You're going places. Well, I did just get back from Moe's haha!
How did you apply for this job? and did you have to compete against others? Why did NASA choose you? I didn't. I was doing some research my junior year into making a more cost effective and efficient hydrogen fuel cell. I was working with doping platinum onto carbon nanotubes, and I was looking at resources to find out how to do it. So, I pulled up the nanomaterials department at NASA and called. The head put me in touch with the man I worked with this year. At the end of the year, after my research was done, I asked him if he would be willing to take me in.
How did you manage to work at NASA? Also, it is really important which college you go to? Yeah, Harvard would be preferable, but I am thinking a little smaller. By little, I mean a lot. I've responded in previous comments, but the gist of it is that I coldcalled the head of nanomaterials at the facility I live near asking about duping platinum onto carbon nanotubes. She gave me the number for a researcher who I later asked if I could do a mentorship for.
Also, they say school isn't very important for undergrad. It's more about school loyalty in that regard. Apparently employers care much more about graduate school, although I can't confirm or deny it.
How long do can the plasma flaps be deployed? What is your power source? How does it fit into space flight or any flight that is conscious about weight? Are you familiar with the work Dr. Farouk? His field might offer you some insight into some problems you may encounter. Link to I am not familiar with his work, sorry! In regards to a power source: it uses an AC voltage source in the ranges of 5-40kV, but frequencies vary greatly. They are very lightweight from my understanding. I never got to see one, I was just developing a simulated circuit model of one!
Thanks for the response. That's a lotta juice. I would be interested to read about this study to see if the benefits are worth the power consumption. You can find a lot of academic papers on them from google scholar! There's even a Wikipedia page on them! :)
Hi! You must have been (are?) terribly bored at school. How did the teachers cope with you being smarter than them? How did you deal with the boringness of the lectures? And how does this all impact your social life? (not being around your peers that much - I guess...) I seriously doubt I'm smarter than almost all of my teachers. I've loved my time at high school, and I appreciate the time I've had. It hasn't in the slightest. In fact, I'd say its only improved my social life!
Well, if you're not that smart, what was it that got you to NASA? Might I ask, do you have any siblings? How did your parents raise you - I mean, did they support you a lot, educated you, get you "hooked up" on science? I'm an only child; neither of my parents have any experience in STEM. My dad works as a manager at a factory haha and my mom sells classifieds at a newspaper.
I got to NASA because I was determined; I put myself out there and I market myself well.
I got into science because I'm competitive, honestly. One of my best friends is a prodigy (taught himself multivariable calc in the fifth grade, wrote a kernel in the sixth, etc) and I wanted to be better than him.
Wow, that's amazing. You make me think if we all have in in ourselves, just need that motivation... :) I feel stupid, being an university student without much motivation and prospects. Don't feel like that - you have your whole life ahead of you! We all have to start somewhere...or something like that haha. I should start telling myself that whenever I feel too lazy to work out.
Why did you have to leave? I had a serious personality conflict with my mentor. We couldn't communicate well, and I had a two hour commute that was seriously affecting my other studies.
What's your favorite food? Rice, maybe? It depends on my mood. I can always eat some pizza!
How does it feel to be a space scientist spy for the CIA? You shouldn't have mentioned Langley. I know what you are now. That would be pretty awesome :P.
"would be"...sure... Anyway, I'm a junior in high school, and I think it's awesome that you've worked for NASA in such a huge way, and you're probably less than a year older than me. My greatest accomplishment is masturbating 5 times in a day. I wonder what masturbation is like in space. If only I could try it on the zero G plane...unfortunately I doubt I'd even be able to get the suit off haha.
Are you from Houston? If so, what high school? Obviously, this could give up your identity, so don't reply if you want to remain semi-unnamed :) I live in rural Virginia.
Wow! this is great! is NASA looking into researching robotics or nanotechnology? because this is my area of expertise so to speak.. And thank you for replying!! They do a lot of work with Nanotechnology! That was actually how I got my foot in the door, by asking about carbon nanotubes! And I don't know about robots, but it would be a safe bet to assume so. I know the military is!
Any advice for an English kid hoping to get a job at NASA (and the required American dual citizenship) one day? While I can't speak much for getting citizenship (Live here five years, find a company that will apply for a work visa on your behalf) don't be scared that you can't work for NASA because you aren't a naturalized US citizen. My boss himself was actually from Zimbabwe! Although, it is a pain being a foreign national; they will literally drag you off campus after 6:00. Best of luck bud! Just stay passionate about the things you love, and it'll show.
Do you think we will ever achieve FTL space capabilites? almost like what is in the movies now?(faster then light= FTL) and what about cryo? Honestly, I have no idea! Although, faster than light? According to the Theory of Relativity, it isn't possible.
Yeah the military is researching robotics and google just bought boston dynamics, so i think a robotics boom is approaching. Its definitely an exciting field to be in right now.
Hi! I'm currently a high school student worried about my admissions profile. Do you think that I really need to go to a high-profile undergrad school to be competitive for grad school, or am I fine with just a state school or lower profile private school? Honestly, I don't. What you do in college is the most important thing. GPA and GMAT scores help as well. I haven't really looked Grad school yet, since I'm applying to undergrad, however, they say that the most important thing is your graduate school. A kid from my town went to Virginia Tech, yet went to MIT for his masters. Don't stress too much if you don't get into a big name school for your bachelor.
Well in my opinion i think we wil have a form of FTL by the 2060's or at least something that lets us go to mars and back within a day or so :D. That would be pretty wicked!
What center do you work at? I coop at JSC. Your drivers license looks nothing like Texas or any that I've seen before. Also which branch do you work in? What school has the most coops at your center? I'm was at Langley! But I'll be visiting JSC in April! Virginia Tech has a lot of positions here.
Dang, JSC has no VT coops. Tons of Ramblin Wrecks (Georgia Tech) here though! ACC knows whatsup! Georgia Tech has a few here too actually! I was looking at the board not too long ago!
Hey there! I'm a fellow senior in highschool and its my dream to work at NASA some day. Im going into mechanical or aerospace engineering next year, so what would your advice be? I'd say do what you love and find other people passionate about the same things. Being surrounded by a likeminded community is invaluable! In college, look for co-op programs, NASA does a lot of outreach programs, you just have to know where to look for them!
What is the best part of working at NASA in your opinion? Learning. I learned SO MUCH. The people there truly live up to their reputation. A little too well; it can be daunting!
I'll be keeping my eyes peeled! Thanks! No problem! Best of luck :)
I saw in another comment that you said you lived in a rural area with less than 300 people. Each of the 7 cities have way more than 300 people and aren't very rural. I'm not from a city.
Do you need any physical preparations such as working out? I think there's a general physical involved, however I'm in good shape. I was considering the US military academy (West Point) before I was accepted to Penn, so I should be fine.
What you're doing is great! Quick question: What are your thoughts on the government cutting funding on NASA? Do you think this will make a big affect in the long run? Personally? I hope funding is increased. However, I don't know if the private industry will be more efficient in certain pursuits, since they have one goal, instead of the thousands that NASA has. I look at history, and in the 1950s and 60s we had some serious technological achievements, and we were basically throwing money in to these programs. However, how much was wasted? I don't know.
Very understandable. Thanks for the answer! :) No problem :)
Hey. First, congratulations! I have a few questions! I am a high school sophomore, in science research at my public school. This year I am doing research with EEG devices and cryptography solutions for computer security, such as directional thoughts. The goal is to be able to "think" a series directional thoughts (up, left forward...) and have that as a password on encrypted files. I have been doing programming for a long time... It really just boils down to me loving learning, and I frequently just stay up reading wikipedia (and other sources) too, though i do sleep a lot. This summer I am thinking about applying for either an internship at a somewhat local branch of a corporation that one of my friends parents work at. They usually have 3 high school interns (plus many more college interns). Do you have any advice for me? What has helped you the most throughout this long process through high school, and learning? Show them how passionate you are for what you do. Market yourself; tell them what you can offer THEM, instead of them telling you what they can offer. You're making great strides! I think really just being motivated to experience everything I can in life :)
As an EE student who has gotten close to getting an internship with NASA, what can I do to seal the deal? Honestly, the only advice I have is to show how passionate you are about your field of study. Wow them. Good luck :)
Did you start getting more attention from the ladies after they find out where you work, given you're still in High School? Haha not really, I suppose. I've been in a relationship for over a year; so everyone knows I'm off the market ;)
Do I have to be in the top 1% of smart people to get into NASA? Heck no...I'm waiting for some of my friends to see this. They'll all tell you I'm an idiot haha!
Have you ever had a gf? Haha, I've actually been in a relationship with a wonderful girl for over a year now :)
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